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Welcome to the ultimate guide on how to listen to the highly popular and entertaining Call Her Daddy podcast. If you’re new to the world of podcasts or simply curious about this particular show, you’ve come to the right place. In this comprehensive blog post, we will provide you with all the information you need to access and enjoy the Call Her Daddy podcast to its fullest.

Overview of the Call Her Daddy Podcast

Call Her Daddy is a wildly successful podcast that has taken the world by storm. Hosted by Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn, this provocative and uncensored show is known for its raw and unfiltered conversations about sex, relationships, and the challenges of modern dating. With their unique perspectives, humor, and no-holds-barred approach, Alex and Sofia have amassed a massive following of dedicated listeners who eagerly tune in for each new episode.

The Rise of Podcasts

Podcasts have quickly become one of the most popular forms of entertainment and information consumption in recent years. With their convenience and accessibility, podcasts offer a unique platform for hosts to share their thoughts, stories, and expertise on virtually any topic. Whether you’re commuting, working out, or simply relaxing at home, podcasts provide an immersive and engaging way to learn, laugh, and stay entertained.

Benefits of Listening to the Call Her Daddy Podcast

So, why should you listen to the Call Her Daddy podcast? Well, apart from the sheer entertainment value, there are several benefits to tuning in to Alex and Sofia’s captivating discussions.

Firstly, Call Her Daddy offers a refreshing take on taboo topics that are often considered off-limits in mainstream media. The hosts fearlessly dive into subjects like casual sex, hookups, and navigating the complexities of modern relationships, providing a candid and unapologetic perspective that many listeners find relatable and empowering.

Additionally, Call Her Daddy is not just about shock value or explicit content. Alex and Sofia’s witty banter, personal anecdotes, and shared experiences create an inclusive and supportive community for listeners. The podcast has fostered a sense of connection and solidarity among its fan base, making it more than just a show—it’s a movement.

Navigating this Blog Post

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through every aspect of listening to the Call Her Daddy podcast. We will start by giving you an in-depth understanding of the podcast itself, including its background, hosts, format, and themes discussed. Then, we will explore various methods to access the podcast, whether it’s through popular podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify or by streaming directly from the official website. We’ll also cover subscribing to the show, downloading episodes for offline listening, and troubleshooting common issues that may arise.

To enhance your listening experience, we will delve into maximizing your engagement with the Call Her Daddy community, including tips for staying up to date with episode releases, engaging with fellow listeners, and exploring additional content such as live shows and merchandise. Lastly, we will address frequently asked questions and provide avenues for contacting the Call Her Daddy team for feedback or inquiries.

So, whether you’re a die-hard fan looking for new ways to engage with the podcast or a curious newcomer wanting to dip your toes into the world of Call Her Daddy, this guide has got you covered. Get ready to dive into a world of unapologetic conversations, empowering insights, and endless entertainment. Let’s begin our journey into the captivating realm of the Call Her Daddy podcast!

Understanding the Call Her Daddy Podcast

The Call Her Daddy podcast has taken the podcasting world by storm, captivating listeners with its raw and unfiltered discussions on sex, relationships, and the challenges of modern dating. To truly appreciate and enjoy the podcast, it’s important to understand its background, the hosts, the format, and the themes they explore.

Background and History of the Call Her Daddy Podcast

The Call Her Daddy podcast was launched in 2018 by Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn. Originally, the show focused on sharing their personal experiences, dating escapades, and offering advice to women in their twenties navigating the complexities of modern relationships. What started as a fun project quickly gained traction, and the podcast’s popularity skyrocketed.

Since its inception, Call Her Daddy has evolved into a cultural phenomenon, becoming one of the most popular podcasts in the relationship and self-help genre. The hosts’ unfiltered approach, combined with their unique perspectives and relatable stories, has struck a chord with millions of listeners around the world.

The Hosts and Their Unique Perspectives

Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn are the dynamic duo behind the Call Her Daddy podcast. Both hosts bring their own unique experiences and viewpoints to the table, creating a delightful balance of personalities and insights.

Alex, who hails from California, has a background in sports journalism and brings a no-nonsense attitude to the show. Her straightforward approach and willingness to share intimate details of her personal life make her relatable and endearing to listeners.

Sofia, on the other hand, grew up in Utah and has a more reserved and introspective demeanor. Her analytical and introspective nature adds depth to the conversations, allowing listeners to gain different perspectives on relationships and sex.

Together, Alex and Sofia create a captivating dynamic that keeps listeners hooked episode after episode. Their chemistry, humor, and unapologetic honesty make for a refreshing and entertaining listening experience.

The Podcast Format and Structure

Call Her Daddy follows a conversational format, with Alex and Sofia engaging in lively discussions about a wide range of topics related to relationships, sex, and personal growth. Each episode typically ranges from 30 minutes to an hour, providing listeners with an immersive experience that feels like eavesdropping on a candid conversation between close friends.

The hosts often share personal anecdotes, dating mishaps, and intimate details about their own lives. These stories serve as a foundation for engaging discussions, allowing listeners to feel connected and understood.

In addition to their personal stories, Alex and Sofia also address listener questions and dilemmas. This interactive aspect of the podcast allows the hosts to provide advice, insights, and reassurance to their audience, fostering a sense of community and support.

The Target Audience and Themes Discussed

The Call Her Daddy podcast primarily targets women in their twenties and thirties who are navigating the challenges of modern dating and relationships. However, the show’s appeal extends beyond the target demographic, attracting listeners of all ages and genders who appreciate the hosts’ candid approach and witty banter.

The podcast covers a broad range of themes and topics, including casual sex, one-night stands, long-term relationships, self-confidence, personal growth, and everything in between. Alex and Sofia tackle these subjects with a refreshing and unapologetic attitude, providing their audience with a safe space to explore their own desires, fears, and insecurities.

By addressing taboo topics and dismantling societal norms, Call Her Daddy empowers listeners to embrace their sexuality, make informed decisions, and navigate the complexities of modern relationships with confidence.

Methods to Listen to the Call Her Daddy Podcast

Once you’ve gained an understanding of the Call Her Daddy podcast and its appeal, the next step is to explore the various methods available to listen to the show. Whether you prefer popular podcast platforms, direct streaming from the official website, or downloading episodes for offline listening, there are multiple options to ensure you never miss an episode.

Listening on Popular Podcast Platforms

The convenience and accessibility of podcast platforms have made them the go-to choice for millions of listeners worldwide. Here are some of the most popular platforms where you can find and listen to the Call Her Daddy podcast:

Apple Podcasts

As one of the largest podcast platforms, Apple Podcasts offers a seamless listening experience for iOS users. To access Call Her Daddy, simply open the Apple Podcasts app, search for the show, and hit the subscribe button. You’ll receive new episodes automatically, and you can easily browse and listen to previous episodes at your convenience.


Spotify has become a powerhouse in the podcasting world, and Call Her Daddy is available on this platform as well. Whether you’re a free or premium user, you can search for the podcast within the Spotify app or website, follow the show, and receive updates whenever new episodes are released.

Google Podcasts

For Android users, Google Podcasts is a convenient option. With its user-friendly interface and seamless integration with other Google apps, you can easily find and subscribe to Call Her Daddy. Simply search for the show within the Google Podcasts app, hit the subscribe button, and start enjoying the episodes.


Stitcher is another popular podcast platform that provides a wide range of shows, including Call Her Daddy. With its intuitive interface and personalized recommendations, Stitcher makes it easy to discover new episodes and stay up to date with your favorite podcasts. Simply search for Call Her Daddy within the Stitcher app, hit the subscribe button, and you’re good to go.


If you’re already a SoundCloud user or prefer this platform for your podcast listening, you’ll be pleased to know that Call Her Daddy is available there too. SoundCloud offers a unique social aspect, allowing listeners to like, comment, and share episodes with their friends. Simply search for Call Her Daddy on SoundCloud, follow the show, and enjoy the engaging discussions.


iHeartRadio has gained popularity as a one-stop platform for music, radio, and podcasts. Call Her Daddy can be found on iHeartRadio, making it easy to access the show alongside your favorite music and other podcasts. Simply search for Call Her Daddy within the iHeartRadio app or website, hit the follow button, and start listening to the episodes.

Other Podcast Platforms and Apps

In addition to the platforms mentioned above, Call Her Daddy is available on numerous other podcast platforms and apps. These include Overcast, Pocket Casts, TuneIn, Castbox, and many more. Simply search for the show within your preferred platform or app, subscribe, and enjoy the episodes.

Direct Streaming from the Official Website

If you prefer to listen to the podcast directly from the source, you can stream episodes from the official Call Her Daddy website. Simply visit, navigate to the podcast section, and select the episode you want to listen to. This option is ideal for those who want a quick and straightforward way to access the show without the need to download additional apps or platforms.

Subscribing to the Call Her Daddy Podcast

Subscribing to the Call Her Daddy podcast offers several benefits. By subscribing, you’ll receive automatic updates whenever new episodes are released, ensuring that you never miss out on the latest discussions. Subscriptions also make it easier to manage and organize your podcast library, keeping all your favorite shows in one place.

To subscribe to Call Her Daddy, simply find the show on your preferred podcast platform or app, and look for the subscribe or follow button. By subscribing, you’ll join a dedicated community of listeners who eagerly anticipate each new episode.

Downloading Episodes for Offline Listening

One of the advantages of podcasts is the ability to download episodes for offline listening. This is particularly useful when you’re in areas with limited or no internet access, such as during flights or road trips. Most podcast platforms and apps provide a download option, allowing you to save episodes directly to your device.

Downloading Call Her Daddy episodes is typically as simple as clicking on the download button next to the episode you want to save. Once downloaded, you can listen to the episode at any time, even without an internet connection. This feature ensures that you can enjoy the podcast wherever and whenever it suits you.

Managing downloaded episodes will vary depending on the platform or app you’re using. Some platforms automatically remove downloaded episodes after you’ve listened to them, while others allow you to manually delete episodes when you no longer need them. Be sure to check the settings or options within your chosen platform to manage your downloaded episodes efficiently.

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