Our Values

Be Present – Respect The Time Others Give You

Provide Value – Partnerships Are Built On Providing Positive Value

Challenge Your Beliefs – From Debate Comes Truth

Better Every Day – Compound Your Improvement

Make Real Connections – Help Others And Receive Help In Return

Be Honest – In Thought, Opinion, and Word; Even If It Hurts

A Note from Michael Greenberg, Founder of Call For Content

Hey! I’m glad you’re here. That someone is reading this means Call For Content is ready for prime-time. You see, I’ve been testing and thinking through concepts for a business like this for quite a while. Since 2015 I’ve iterated and tested a number of different concepts. The one I’ve finally decided upon was simple: a personal content marketing team for consultants, coaches, and other expert entrepreneurs.  

When I started thinking about how to built this sort of team, I realized that I couldn’t just hire a ghostwriter for my clients. Every expert has their own point of view, voice, and habits that just don’t come through the way they did when I interviewed them. To replace ghostwriting, I designed our own proprietary interview, transcription, and editing process to ensure that each piece of content we create is 100% Your Unique Voice.

Call For Content is that team and process . I hope you enjoy the work we create together as much as your customers will enjoy learning from you.