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Michael Greenberg shares his knowledge on taking your first steps towards becoming an authority and be known for who you are and what you do with Tom Poland on the Marketing The Invisible Podcast.

Tom Poland  00:09

Hello everyone. A very warm welcome to another edition of Marketing The Invisible. My name is Tom Poland. Beaming out to as always from on the sand at Little Castaways Beach, next to the waves in Australia. Joined today by Michael Greenberg. Michael,  good day and welcome.

Michael Greenberg  00:25

It’s great to be on.

Tom Poland  00:26

Where are you based? Where are you hanging out?

Michael Greenberg  00:29

I’m in sunny Denver, Colorado. 

Tom Poland  00:32

Denver, Colorado. Do you ski?

Michael Greenberg  00:35

Not yet, but I will next year.

Tom Poland  00:37

Oh, you’re a recent arrival.

Michael Greenberg  00:39

Yeah, just this past year.

Tom Poland  00:41

Where’d you move from?

Michael Greenberg  00:42

St. Louis, Missouri.

Tom Poland  00:44

Oh, quite a switch up.

Michael Greenberg  00:46


Tom Poland  00:47

Okay, cool. Well, great to have you on the show. For those of you don’t know, Michael. He’s the founder of Call For Content, which is a full-service podcasting agency for content marketing, audience growth, and monetization strategies. All three of which I am a great believer in Michael. So I’m really looking forward to this interview, selfishly, for my own purposes, as much as for our audiences. So the title is How to Generate Global Authority In Just 7 Minutes. We will tell you how to do that in just seven minutes, you might take a little longer to achieve it. So Michael, let’s rock and roll. I’m going to start my seven-minute countdown timer now. Question number one is who is your ideal client?

Michael Greenberg  01:26

A professional who wants to generate revenue podcasting?

Tom Poland  01:31

Perfect. Question number two and almost seven minutes left. What’s the problem you solve?

Michael Greenberg  01:38

We solve the problem that podcasts are a unique content channel in the way you work with them and the way you work with the people who operate in that ecosystem. And that most people in podcasting come from creative backgrounds, not marketing or technical ones. So we come at podcasting from the idea that this is meant to make money. And that’s where we start. Instead of we want an audience or we want people to listen, we want the show that generates revenue.

Tom Poland  02:13

So it sounds like you combine the creative and the marketing and the commercial and the technical.

Michael Greenberg  02:20

Yeah. That’s why we call ourselves full-service podcasting,

Tom Poland  02:24

Right. I like that idea of working backwards from making the money. Not because we’re all necessarily just mercenaries, but it’s not a charity running here, is it? 

Michael Greenberg  02:34

I don’t know any show that runs without time or money.

Tom Poland  02:38

Yeah, time or money, right. Okay. So thank you. I digress a little bit, but it’s okay because we still got a whopping five and a half minutes left. Question number three is, What are some of the typical symptoms that people experience when they’re not getting a podcast right, or they don’t have authority out in the marketplace? What are they going to be experiencing?

Michael Greenberg  02:58

If you are selling to people who are not referred to you, and you are in services, if you don’t have content, they are not going to be able to identify that you have authority. Simply put, that’s the number one symptom that people come to us with. We choose a podcast as the medium because it’s the easiest to get in your voice and to prove your authority with, in my opinion,

Tom Poland  03:21

Yes, indeed. And so do people kind of feel like they’re the world’s best-kept secret before they get to you?

Michael Greenberg  03:29

A lot of times, we hope that maybe not the best-kept secret, just one of the really good ones. Because the best kept a little difficult to work with sometimes.

Tom Poland  03:40

And just quickly, I’m very curious, if they sometimes say something like: I can’t figure out why my competitors are doing so well and I’m not because I’m better than them. Do you get that a bit?

Michael Greenberg  03:50

I get that about every other call.

Tom Poland  03:53

Yeah. Okay. Cool. I thought so. Question number four, and we’ve got four minutes left. People are going to try some stuff to fix that problem of getting their authority out there before they get to your solution. What are some of the common mistakes that people make prior to finding you?

Michael Greenberg  04:08

The big three that we see, are not doing any customer research, to know who they should actually be targeting. Trying to do it all themselves and failing to get out content that is consistent and looks professional. Or hiring a ghostwriter and not understanding how to work with somebody who’s a ghostwriter. And then getting really angry because they’re not getting the voice right. That was actually one of the iterations of Call For Content. We did a lot more work with interviews, just subject matter expert interviews turning into content. And we stopped doing that for all the small pieces because people just could not really understand how to work with the ghost riders effectively and we want to learn how to educate them.

Tom Poland  05:04

No, too hard. All right. Thank you for that.  Question number five, three minutes left, what’s one valuable free action that an audience member could take that’s going to move them a step closer to solving the problem? They might need you for the whole solution, but at least it’s progress.

Michael Greenberg  05:20

Start learning about your customers. That means actually doing market research, which there’s a good chance you haven’t done before. I’m willing to bet 90% of the time, you haven’t done enough market research.

Tom Poland  05:34

Can you give us a quick heads up on how someone could start that?

Michael Greenberg  05:39

Yeah, I know this bleeds a little bit into question number six.

Tom Poland  05:43

Well, go ahead. Question number six is a valuable free resource so maybe we kill two birds with one stone?

Michael Greenberg  05:48

Yeah, I actually put together a book you can find online at or That’s the Authority Marketing Playbook. It actually walks through the customer research system we use, as well as setting up your initial partnerships and creating some content to start getting your authority going.

Tom Poland  06:14


Michael Greenberg  06:14

My ideal client to rephrase number one has actually already done everything in that book when they come to us because that is just you.

Tom Poland  06:24

So, folks, it’s forward slash “a”, “m” for Mary, “p” for Peter, and we’ll have the link underneath the video if you’re watching the video blog. Go grab it if you listened to the podcast So that leaves us with; Question number seven, and we’ve got 80 seconds left for that. What’s the one question I should have asked you, but I didn’t?

Michael Greenberg  06:49

How’d you end up doing podcasts?

Tom Poland  06:51

So how did you end up doing podcasts?

Michael Greenberg  06:55

I was a B2B growth strategy consultant before I started doing this and I was consulting with a business Podcast Network. Then one day, they said, you should have a show so you understand what we do. They shipped me a suitcase full of equipment and they got started the next week.

Tom Poland  07:14

Fantastic. And here we are now. So, Michael Greenberg, it’s a great interview. Thank you very much. There’s enough in there for people to move forward, break through the barriers, find some relief from those symptoms or feeling like they are one of the best-kept secrets. And there are free resources at  So folks, go amp up your game and Michael Greenberg, thanks so much for showing up.

Michael Greenberg  07:39

Thank you for having me on, Tom.

Tom Poland  07:42

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