12 Minute Convos with Engel Jones

Michael Greenberg is a Positioning Guru Extraordinaire and is one of those Rare Young Geniuses /Ep2461:

Michael Greenberg talks about entrepreneurship, baking, and childhood memories with Engel Jones on the 12 Minute Convos Podcast.

 Michael Greenberg  0:00  

If you want a great business to grow, then you’re going to have to trim as well.

Engel Jones  0:05  

This podcast encourages and empowers you to create your own unique real story. Develop your own unique real statement and discover your own unique deals. The power is yours. Good afternoon. Michael Greenberg, how you are doing on this beautiful, wonderful day. 

Michael Greenberg  0:29  

I’m doing excellent. Engel, how about you?

Engel Jones  0:32  

 I’m excellent as well, my friend. It’s a great pleasure to connect with you. What part of the world are you in today?

Michael Greenberg  0:37  

I am actually in Cheyenne, Wyoming, today. Drove up from Denver this morning.

Engel Jones  0:43  

That’s wonderful. I just spoke with someone that I met from Denver. And yeah, that was great. Speaking with, are you moving permanently, or is it just a drive?

Michael Greenberg  0:53  

Just to drive. Denver’s home base, and I’m up in Cheyenne for a barbecue today.

Engel Jones  0:58  

Sounds good.a Tuesday barbecue. Oh, that sounds interesting. That was wonderful. Well, do tell us which of your talents is responsible for us connecting at a specific time in history.

Michael Greenberg  1:11  

You know, I guess it’s entrepreneurship, business stuff.

Engel Jones  1:16  

Yeah. You sounded as though you had like six apples to pick there.

Michael Greenberg  1:20  

 It could have been podcasting. It could have been hiring. It could have been none of my talents and the talent of Craig. Who’s my head of podcast or relations, and who connected us for the call day? Yeah. I mean, I like to think I’ve got a few talents. 

Engel Jones  1:38  

At the core of it, it’s entrepreneurship, isn’t it?

Michael Greenberg  1:41  

Yeah. Entrepreneurship at the end of the day. 

Engel Jones  1:44  

Let’s dig into that. Like who did you learn that from?

Michael Greenberg  1:46  

I learned it from my family. My father’s side is all entrepreneurs, all his cousins owned their own businesses. He owns his business, his father did and his father’s father and all that and my mom’s side since her family came to America, they’ve been entrepreneurs. Her dad was a grand master plumber like his father before him. And they both own the same plumbing business.

Engel Jones  2:10  

It must make you feel great to be able to look back. Like it’s always great to look at your history and see confirmation as to who you feel called to be, isn’t it?

Michael Greenberg  2:23  

Yeah, it really is. And it’s the one thing that I was told growing up, I should never do. So it feels even better knowing that I got to break the rules at the same time.

Engel Jones  2:34  

So yeah, let’s dig into that now. Like, who did you learn that from? Because being an entrepreneur is truly a testament to being a rebel, isn’t it?

Michael Greenberg  2:43  

It really is. And I think I learned that from my grandfather’s, both of them. They did not necessarily do things the way you would expect, but they were both very successful. And I think in large part, that’s because they didn’t do things that Like everyone else.

Engel Jones  3:01  

I’m definitely in the ups and downs of entrepreneurial life. Why will you continue to be that place? And nevertheless?

Michael Greenberg  3:07  

you know, I think it’s in my blood, not sure I could really be happy working for someone else for the rest of my life. So it’s what I’ve got to do. It’s a must.

Engel Jones  3:19  

Now, where’s the best place for someone that’s listening to connect with you? I mean, within the space of podcasting, a ton of things that you’re doing, right? Like, what would you want an individual to connect with you for?

Michael Greenberg  3:29  

So if you want to talk about podcasting, or content marketing, or just running a business or baking bread, the best place to reach me is to go to callforcontent.com. And just book some office hours with me and we’ll chat. 

Engel Jones  3:45  

That’s wonderful. But tell me one of the things that you’ve done consistently over the last three years, please.

Michael Greenberg  3:50  

One thing I’ve done consistently is cook. I tried to cook a lot of my own food. I was planning on being a chef before I ended up in this whole digital entrepreneurship space. And so I love to cook. I know it’s healthier when I make it myself. And I can make whatever I want, which are all great bonuses. I try to spend at least three or four hours a week cooking, if not more.

Engel Jones  4:17  

You said bread just a bit ago. Is that something you do as well? You said you know, even if you want to bake bread. Do you do that? 

Michael Greenberg  4:27  

Oh, yeah, I do bake bread. Not as much right now because I’m right in the middle of a move. But I make a couple loaves a month. If I want bread. I’ve got to make it. That’s my deal with myself.

Engel Jones  4:38  

So does it make you feel like setting aside what can happen on the everyday happenings of being an entrepreneur here to go cook then, it feels like it’s more work?

Michael Greenberg  4:49  

It’s relaxing. I think of cooking, and the bread making the stuff that I do there is very much a creative pursuit. It’s very much art for me. And even if I was doing it for work, I’m not sure I really think of it as work. Because you know what they say if you love your work, you never work a day in your life. Everybody who tries to live that knows it’s not true. There’s still a lot of hard work.

Engel Jones  5:18  

 I’ve retrofitted it. I think what it is, is the amount of work you will do will not feel like the amount of work to another person who didn’t like it. Yeah. So it’s like, if you would do 80 hours of work that you love, it will feel like 40 until that personally feels like 120.

Michael Greenberg  5:40  

Yeah, I think that’s a much better way to describe it.

Engel Jones  5:43  

It is what it feels like for me. So that’s my take there. Why would you suggest to someone that’s listening that they do what you’ve done? By creating that outlet within the space of the work, you’re doing?

Michael Greenberg  5:54  

Well, I think you need a creative outlet. If you’re any sort of worker, you need a creative outlet that you just enjoy. That is a passion of yours, and that you can really put time into to master. Because I think that in working with that creative option, you end up with a better understanding of the way things work in general, the way systems operate, you see overlap between your creative pursuits and your work. And that all helps to make you better at what you do.

Engel Jones  6:24  

I agree with that. I love that way. I’ve seen that. I appreciate that. I agree with that amazing audience. All right, champion. Well, let’s switch gears for a moment. Now. Let me invite you into my time machine that is surrounded by beautiful warm blue Caribbean water. Michael, what’s the earliest childhood memory?

Michael Greenberg  6:43  

I think, looking back, it’s playing under a big tree at the camp I went to growing up.

Engel Jones  6:51  

How old do you think you were?

Michael Greenberg  6:52  

Less than six. So maybe four or five? 

Engel Jones  6:56  

Why do you think this memory is so clear? 

Michael Greenberg  6:57  

Okay. Well, it’s summertime right now. As I mentioned earlier and went into a barbecue, and that lines up well, I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, and we’ve got big trees and hot, humid summers. And so those few sunny days you like to celebrate. And today, and now I am on a beautiful sunny day. About 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Engel Jones  7:23  

Love it. That’s my life, though. Like, yeah, I live at 80 degrees. Yeah. I’m in the Caribbean. Yeah, well, that’s amazing. I love the concept of the tree. And so you’re my third conversation for today, right? And the tree has come up like just the process. The concept of what it represents, and even the concept of death and how it sets a legacy. One person actually said that she heard someone, and she says that when a tree dies, it actually gives five times the life It provided while it was alive. And I just love that in terms of the concept of playing under the tree. And you have the legacy of what has been set up for you. Through your grandparents being entrepreneurs and your parents and your family. So I love the metaphoric concept of that, Michael.

Michael Greenberg  8:16  

Yeah. So do I and I think it’s all too often people forget that life and death have to go together. And that without one, you can’t have the other. If you want a great business to grow, then you’re going to have to trim as well.

Engel Jones  8:34  

Yeah, and some things will have to die. Yeah, some things will have to die. If we fast forward to when you were 12 years old, what was your favorite song?

Michael Greenberg  8:42  

I believe that was Feel Good Ink by the gorilla.

Engel Jones  8:46  

Love it. All right, my friend. Well, we’ve arrived at our destination. But before we get off of this time machine, there’s a small declaration form that says yes or no, possibly a bit more. We’re going to move pretty quickly. Yeah, you ready, Mike? 

Michael Greenberg  9:00  

I’m ready. 

Engel Jones  9:01  

Michael, have you chosen someone to pass on your skills to?

Michael Greenberg  9:04  

Not yet?

Engel Jones  9:04  

 Are you married? 

Michael Greenberg  9:05  

Not yet. 

Engel Jones  9:06  

Do you have children?

Michael Greenberg  9:07  

 Not yet.

Engel Jones  9:08  

 Do you believe in God?

Michael Greenberg  9:09  

 I take Pascal’s Wager.

Engel Jones  9:11  

Do you have an inner circle of friends?

Michael Greenberg  9:13  

I do.

Engel Jones  9:14  

 Do you watch TV for more than three hours a day? 

Michael Greenberg  9:16  


Engel Jones  9:17  

Oh, wow. What about screens on the phone under the computers of more than eight or less than eight a day?

Michael Greenberg  9:22  

Oh, definitely more. My entire life runs off my phone and screen. I want to get away from them. 

Engel Jones  9:29  

What about reading? How often do you read?

Michael Greenberg  9:31  

I try to read every day. I don’t make it, but when I get to sit down and read, it’s for an hour. 

Engel Jones  9:37  

So if you had to share with us your own unique real statement. a statement that represents who you are. Michael Gordon Greenberg, what would you say that is?

Michael Greenberg  9:46  

So I’ve got a few. But I think the one that I’m feeling the most right now is a giant middle finger to the world.

Engel Jones  9:56  

Mike, it’s been a great pleasure before we leave. Is there anything you’d like to share with our amazing audience.

Michael Greenberg  10:03  

Nothing specific, except that you should go out enjoy nature and then create something just for fun. 

Engel Jones  10:12  

BBQ Tuesday. I still love it. Michael Greenberg again, great pleasure. Thank you for being on what is inspired by 12-minute Convos with Engel Jones. This podcast is produced by pod edits. Visit  podedits.com for professional podcast publishing.