Dana Wilde 

#1 Bestselling Author of Train Your Brain and Creator of The Celebrity Formula

The Mind Aware |

Getting placed on podcasts was something that had been on my mind for a while. I have my own podcast with more than 500 episodes. On that show, I promote other people all the time. So I thought guesting on podcasts would be an opportunity for me to get into other people’s ponds.

I have a team of people I work with, but I didn’t have anyone that would be the right fit to book podcasts. When I heard Call for Content offered podcast guest placement as a service, I thought I should do this on a trial basis and see how it goes. They’re set up; they’ve already got their systems in place, they know what they’re doing. Plus, they have the contacts and the relationships with podcast hosts. It was just much easier than hiring somebody and having to go through and learn all that.

Call for Content booked six interviews for me in six weeks. They were terrific, targeted interviews — the kind of shows I wanted to be on.

It’s been worth the investment because it’s a sheer numbers game. If I or someone on my team had to book those podcasts, how many emails or calls would we have to do to land those bookings? The investment would have been a lot higher to get the same results.

Working with Call for Content is helping me get my message out in new places. It’s also allowing me to develop relationships with the hosts. When you’re an author and influencer, you can often be preaching to the converted. You’ve got your followers. Your followers love your message, but you aren’t necessarily out in front of new people. So the biggest benefit of podcast guest placement is getting in front of those people who have never heard of me.

I even had somebody buy one of my $1,000 programs after hearing one of the shows. Many times, you nurture a relationship over a period of time before an investment like that. They take time to get to know you and often start by buying lower-end programs. But this person purchased a $1,000 program after hearing only one of my interviews.

As entrepreneurs, we have a few choices for getting promoted by other influencers. You can email podcast hosts or their team members. You might be able to have one-on-one conversations to develop the relationship. But it all takes time.

The fastest way to have people understand who you are is by doing interviews. If you want to be in front of people who aren’t already exposed to your message — and you want to have influencers on board with your message — there’s no better way than appearing on podcasts. I’d recommend working with Call for Content to do it. They are amazing to work with.