Art Snarzyk III, Owner

President, Chief Turnover Terminator

Innerview Advisors

As a consultant, it is critical to build credibility and trust with potential clients. People have to feel connected in order to determine if we are a good fit to work together. For years I’ve wanted to do some newsletters to help with that. I had even gone out and bought speech recognition software to make the process easier, or so I thought. But sitting down to do it – it just never happened.

When I came across Call for Content’s service, I liked the premise, but I thought I’d have to put a lot of information together. Would this be hard? Would it require a lot of my time?

It was a pleasant surprise to find that in just a few small, very productive chunks of time, Michael was able to pull out some really effective content from the conversations he directed. I don’t have to stress about it anymore. I know that I have a call with Michael on my calendar and I don’t have to worry or spend my mental horsepower on it between now and then.

As a result of working with Call for Content, I now have pages and pages of shareable content that further establishes my expertise, deepens my trust and connection with current and potential clients, and keeps me top of mind as a business resource. This has helped make their decision to work with me easier. What’s great about working with Call for Content is they easily and painlessly develop content for two or three newsletters out of just one phone call together. I have a nice library of content now, a backlog, so I don’t feel under the gun to come up with more content for my next newsletter or informational piece.

There’s a real benefit to the third-party perspective that Call for Content brings. It really helped me clarify my marketing. Michael is masterful at digging out of someone what they already know yet has a hard time articulating or making time to draft. If I had sat down and wrote a newsletter, I may have missed some important points that the reader wanted to hear. When I share a happy client’s experience with Michael and receive his edited version on paper, I realize how it makes for some amazing and effective marketing. Through telling some of these stories, it made me realize that they are very compelling to potential clients.

I have recommended Call for Content to a number of others and will continue to do so. They really capture your voice through their process and make it simple for you. The return on investment is there because you get content to engage more potential clients – and engage them more often – so that you’re top of mind when they have a problem that you can help them solve.