Eghosa Aihie

Serial Entrepreneur

I first worked with Michael when he joined my first startup – Alumnify – which I started when I was in college. Michael provided strategic advice to hone key skills in productivity, goal-setting and other areas necessary to run multiple successful companies.  This helped bring clarity into my work and see it through it through multiple viewpoints.

As a serial entrepreneur, I want to move forward several projects that will help me achieve even greater success – things like publishing my book, raising a large round of investment for a new startup company, and launching a few side ventures. I want to accomplish these goals without getting pulled in a hundred different directions. I reached back out to Michael to help me be able to execute these big projects, but I wasn’t sure whether he had more to offer me.

What I found is that Michael adds a lot of value to my thought process. He’s helped me adopt a systematic approach to long-term strategic planning, so that I can achieve these ambitious projects on a specific timeline. We build out scenarios together – including worst-case ones – for each project. This approach helps me identify and anticipate potential obstacles that might pose a risk to achieving my goals. For example, he uncovered a gap that would have delayed one of the projects by three months, which would have derailed our planned PR push. But because of our work together, we were able to anticipate that delay and plan in a way so that the project wouldn’t be negatively affected.  

Michael has helped me put project-based systems in place – with prioritized goals and tasks with realistic deadlines –  so that I can effectively plan, delegate tasks and maintain reports throughout the different enterprises that I run.

What I really appreciate is that Michael acts as a bullshit-free sounding board. He uncovers assumptions, cuts through spin and best-case-scenario thinking, and talks through the details for each project, ensuring no step is being overlooked or underestimated.

It’s rare that you come across a standout talent like Michael. I’d highly recommend him.