Content Strategy and Customer Research


You know your clients well.  In fact, you’ve been working with them and people like them for years.  Unfortunately, your relationship is blinding you.  You’re so close to your clients that you no longer understand their pains outside of what you do for them.  Your expertise is precisely what prevents you from putting yourself in their shoes.  As you zoom in on a problem, you lose sight of other pains your clients are experiencing.  This in turn leads to missed opportunities, leaving money and new lines of business on the table.

Luckily, you’re reading this. You already know your content could be better. That it could speak directly to your ideal customers.  We’ve been there before, and developed a foolproof system for:

  • Finding out exactly what your customers love about you
  • Identifying your best customers
  • Creating custom personas that break down their biggest pains, what content they love, and how to find more people like them.
  • Developing a year long content plan to position you as an authority who understands what they’re going through and has the skills to solve their most expensive problems.

How do we do it? Simple.

  1. We interview you.
  2. We interview your 5 best customers.
  3. We create personas from those interviews, creating objective profiles without the tint of your expertise.
  4. We use the pain points and objections brought up during the interviews to create highly specific content topics that speak directly to your best customers.

What will you walk away with? A complete content strategy including:

  • Content topics drawn from specific customer pains
  • The best content channels and formats to reach your ideal customers
  • An Authority building publishing order for your first 12 pieces of content
  • Up to 5 complete personas based on your ideal clients

The only thing left is to decide how quickly you want to become an authority.  No time to do it yourself? No problem, our executive summaries are designed to be used with ghostwriters, freelancers, or any other outsourced content creator (*cought* like us *cough*).