Call for Content FAQ

What do you do?

Expert entrepreneurs hire us to establish them as an authority in their niche. We do that by helping them create the right content in the most authoritative forms with as little investment (time & money) on their part as possible. That way they can keep doing great work and we can make sure everyone knows about it.

You can read our most recent testimonial here.

What is an Expert Entrepreneur?

Our ideal clients are Solopreneurs, Consultants, or Business Coaches who are serious about building their business.

They’ve normally working independently for a few years and have reached the levels where they need some help. For most people, that happens around $100,000-150,000 in revenue.

How does this make me money?

With a little of your knowledge, we’ll create content that teaches your audience about the problems you solve, the work you do, and why they have to hire you to do it.  This translates into prospects and clients who trust you more and better understand the value you provide.

Our content promotion strategy is focused on building your email list by “borrowing” other peoples’ audiences via things like guest posts, social media promotions, and contests.  As your email list builds, so does your audience. A larger audience will open entirely new opportunities to make money like speaking engagements, training, and higher profile engagements in addition to the distinct possibility of more and better leads.

Who/What is Call for Content

Call for Content is a content marketing service for expert entrepreneurs. It was founded by Michael Greenberg in late 2016. He is the chief strategist for the company and manages a full content team trained in the company’s methods.

Can you help me with my SEO?

Regular content updates will help your rankings on Google and other search engines. That being said, Call For Content is not an SEO provider. We’re not going to make dozens of short keyword focused articles for you to drive organic traffic.  That’ll take at least six months to even get going!  We’re going to make sure people know what you’re good at. Sometimes, Google finds out too.

Is Call for Content right for me?

Expert entrepreneurs hire us to position them as an authority in their niche.  We specialize in creating written content like books, blogs, and newsletters using our unique interview to content creation process. Clients have also asked us to help out with digital courses, podcasts, and infographics.  While we’re always happy to help with your content strategy for these, but we generally refer clients to our partners for actual production work.

What is the business case for Call for Content?

You’re probably too busy to create a content strategy, manage promotions, and create high quality content on a regular basis.  For a professional blogger, 2 hours is about the average for a short 500 word post.  Most people aren’t professional bloggers, and it takes them even longer.  We take only an hour of your time each month to capture your expertise and then manage the entire process of creating and promoting your content.

Will you write my articles for me?

Absolutely! In fact, this is exactly what we do!

Are you a ghostwriting service?

No.  We use your words, not ours.  Our interview to content process utilizes cutting edge transcription technology to capture your words in their entirety. Our team edits and outlines your post, but all the real content is directly from you.  We like to think of ourselves as modern day scribes, and our process as a more involved form of dictation.

What services does Call For Content offer?

We offer content creation and promotion services including but not limited to:

  • Positioning you as an authority in your niche
  • Using interviews to bring out specifics of your business
  • Explaining the business case for your services to a targeted audience
  • Using digital and content marketing to generate leads and awareness
  • Teach the world about your expertise

We do all this by helping you create educational blogs, newsletters, podcasts, and full-length books.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for on this list, fill out a content questionnaire and we’ll see what we can do to help!

How much does Call for Content cost?

We offer our Content Creation Strategy and Customer Research package for $750.

We’ve been asked many times to help make an ebook or other lead magnet, so we offer those for $2000.

Our done-for-you content strategy, creation, and promotion service starts at $900/month.

What’s a Your Unique Voice identity document?

A Your Unique Voice identity document is a combination of a values statement, branding document, and business summary.  It is what we use to communicate all the most important facts about your business to our team. Customers have also found it to be useful for updating websites, creating new brochures, and all sorts of other marketing activities that need clear and concise explanations of your business.

How frequent is new content on your plan?

Our Guru plan includes one long form blog post and one podcast each month. Our Thought Leader plan offers two long form blog posts and two podcasts each month. If you’re interested in even more frequent content, or just a different mix, fill out a content questionnaire and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Do you offer a guarantee?

YES! We offer a publishing guarantee.  If you’re so unhappy with the work you’ve received from us that you won’t publish it, let us know and we’ll rewrite it from beginning to end. If after the 3rd rewrite it still isn’t to your standards, we’ll refund the entire price of the piece.  In case you’re wondering, we’ve never had to issue a refund and we’ve only had to do one rewrite.

How do I sign up for this amazing service?

Fill out the Content Questionnaire and someone will be in touch shortly.